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Deb is recognized as one of Boston’s leading clinicians in the areas of body image and eating disorder recovery. She brings authenticity, curiosity and compassion to every client she works with. She emphasizes the power of connection in the healing process and integrates humor and mindfulness into her approach. She conceptualizes healing as a unique process for each of us and brings her huge heart to her work. She is deeply committed to her clients and believes whole heartedly that we all have the resources inside of us to make change.

Deb’s approach is informed by her training as a social worker, her 25 years of work in the field, as well as her California roots and deep love of yoga and mindfulness. She weaves in a psychoanalytic perspective, a relational therapy approach and utilizes the Internal Family Systems model to help clients explore, refine and build on their strengths.

You will always belong anywhere you show up as yourself.


The opposite of shame is curiosity.


Sometimes the only thing another person needs is for us to believe in them.


Some people are just plunked on this earth with a purpose and Deb is one of those people. She is seriously my mental health sherpa.


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